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7 Essential on-page SEO Factors

Okay, let’s cut straight to the point, here. We want to look at the 7 most important factors to consider when making a web page, as far as search engine optimisation is concerned. This list is about seven of the biggest factors, and is not listed from first to last, but rather lists important things to consider equally.


Make hyperlinks on keywords where the natural flow of the piece is not compromised by the insertion of the link. If you have a keyword or phrase that you can slip into the reading, use the keyword or phrase as a link to a pertinent page pertaining to the subject. You want to keep the keyword or phrase natural in context, but to also leave it as a link that can be followed as an afterthought.


Your page titles should always, always, always include the key word or phrase. That little title tag is actually the most important factor for on-page SEO. Search algorithms can and do place pages in order of the title tag’s pertinence to the search criteria.

Tag Appropriately

Your headline, therefore your title, should be wrapped warmly in a H1 tag. This identifies the main idea, and you should be careful not to “over-optimise”. You should make sure your title reads in the H1 tag, but let the lesser heading tags be concerned with the meat of an article. Google reads H1 as the main idea, and overloading it with all headings being the same can lead to a result being kicked.

Structured Data Markup

Search engines work best when they have the most information from which to work. Rich snippets can enhance a page’s listing, and have become integral for some page types in outranking their competition.

Mind your Meta

In your page Meta description, you have 150-160 characters to sum-up your page with a title such as The Best SEO Company In Birmingham,West Midlands Webcentric Solutions . Use this space to its best utility by using branding and a call to action aside from a general description.

Drop Anchor

Use natural keywords to segue deeper into your page. When you have text that naturally points to something that you may cover elsewhere in your pages, you should use that anchor text to link. You want people to bounce deeper into your content, not off to google what an obscure term means.

Use appropriate outbound Links

There will come times that your pages don’t contain pertinent information on which a reader may want to follow up. Don’t be afraid to link to sites that have more authority than your own, since outbound links also have their own place in SEO. Linking to sites that give full and authoritative answers to possible questions your readers may have allow you more ranking than links that lead off into nowhere in particular.

Even if you are leading people off-site, you are showing that your page is pertinent for searches in a particular area because it gives users a resource to chase down that datum which they seek. If you are showing that you can lead searchers to the correct result, then you are showing search engines that your site is one that merits a visit.

There you have them

The afore-mentioned “big seven” should be things that you weigh along with your completion of any web page, most especially pages that are finding a home on otherwise-SEO sites. Use these tips on every page to ensure that all pages find the place that you want them to find in search engine results. Always use the most natural language possible, and don’t make it so that search engines are the only things that can read your page. You want a natural flow to your page that also meets the criteria for search engines.

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